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Montreal Dining Out
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Subject:Mmmmmmm.. Magdala! Best Ethiopian Resto in town!
Time:09:44 am
So friday evening Lori and I decide to pop in to Magdala's for another try at the new Ethiopian restaurant's fare.
We'd been there before and although the food was good, it was a disappointing step down from the accustomed greatness that could be found at the now defunct Messob D'Or in NDG. The memory of a previously overcooked Kitfo (steak tartar) was still fresh in my mind when I chose to try it 'one more time, just in case'. We also ordered ordered two starters - their Tematim Fitfit which is awesome, as well as a serving of Azifa - a Lori-pleasing dish of lentils and spices and a Key Wot to complete the feast.

And then guess who shows up, standing by the side of our table like a Guardian Angel smiling benevolently upon us. Yessss; the owner and kitchen-god of the Messob in his very own person had come out of the kitchen to greet us personally. We were thrilled! Ecstatic for both him and, more selfishly, for us - as we now knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the food coming out of the kitchen would be awesome - we greeted him with warm smiles and handshakes. I was *this close* to hugging him, so happy I was to see him.

We learned that after the closing he had gone back to Ethiopia but returned when asked to Chef the Kitchen. I take this as a sure sign that the owner of Magdala knows what's what and who's who in the biz.

Anyway, the food was brilliant. The Temetim Fitfit (fun to say, yummy to eat) was light and piquant enough to whet the appetite. The Kitfo was perfect, the Key Wot deliciously fragranced and huggingly good, and the Ethiopian coffee afterwards - served in the authentic manner, was the perfect exclamation to close the meal.

Also, as the keen-eyed readers of the Gazette already know, Magdala has been given a huge thumbs-up in the Saturday food review. A Great Bet, according to Leslie Chesterman, Restaurant Critic.

Restaurant Magdala: 1222 Bishop. Closed mondays. 514 866-7667
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Subject:New Ethiopian Resto in Montreal! - follow-up
Time:09:40 am
Ever since the demise of the Messob d'Or on Monkland, this city has been completely underserved by way of delicious Ethiopian cuisine, until now!

Look with excitment and appetite to Magdala, at 1222 Bishop to fill that void.

I popped in after work last night to visit the place and to chat with the owners who told me that they should be open on or about the 14th of March and that they will be hiring some of the folks from the Messob d'Or. That's great news because it's well known that the Messob had the best Ethiopian dishes in town. (Sorry, Nil Bleu...)

The ambiance of the place is awesome as well. On the main floor, large comfy sofas surround authentic Ethiopian Messobs where you can experience the traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. Upstairs you'll find another intimate dining area which is as elegantly appointed as the main floor.

So yeah... Now you're in the know! Whet your appetites!

(cross-posted to Montreal)
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Subject:New Ethiopian Restaurant - Downtown!
Time:08:45 am
Current Mood:ecstaticecstatic
Montrealers, Rejoice!

As I was walking up Bishop street on my way to work I noticed a sign proclaiming the imminent opening of Mekdala, a new Ethiopian Resto-Lounge!
I can't wait to get me some Kitfo, Key Wat, Yekek Alitcha and a million rolls of Injera!
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Subject:A taste of each of the British and Russian empires
Time:10:16 am
Places that Montrealers should know about.

Restaurant Kalinka - Russian resto at 1439 St Marc where Zorba's Pizzeria used to be.

There were 4 of us, and we all opted to choose from the Table d'hote.
Pete and I tried the Beef Stroganoff and found it to be excellent. Tender and juicy strips of beef in a cream and mushroom sauce, elegantly presented in a phyllo pastry-bowl. Yum! The sides - a nod to rice and veggies weren't spectacular but adequate.

The women opted for a cabbage roll thingy which, despite having cabbage in it, was quite tasty. The smell of it was in no way reminiscent of a paper mill. (I'm not a big fan of cabbage, could you tell?)
Dinner was accompanied by a couple of bottles of Russian Style beer - made here in Quebec by a local micro-brewery, as well as 100 grammes of vodka. Think of it as a wee pitcher of vodka (3-4 shots worth) and you're on the right track. The only disappointment was the anemic choices of vodka. Stolichnaya, Moscovskaya and some finnish vodka was all they had on the menu. I was hoping for more varieties to choose from but; no.
Desert was good. We had a choice between a really good mille-feuille cake and a really good chocolate cake.

Oh, and the owner-violinist is pretty good too. He's tethered to his sound equipment so if you sit near the back your (almost) out of his reach. He does bear a certain resemblance to Stephen Harper though but we didn't hold that against the man.

Once we finished our quite delicious coffees off in a leisurely manner, our rolly-polly quartet ambled down to Peel street to have a few pints at what I'm convinced is the best kept secret in town. John Sleemans Pub, upstairs from Alexandre's, is a brilliant British pub where you can actually hear yourself and your friends talk. As opposed to the majority of (loud) Irish pubs, conversation always blossoms there, even though you might sometimes be going on about the "spendiferousness"* of a glass of Shiraz.

Still; Good value for money if you're drawing pints.

* expensiveness
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Subject:AD - Homemade treats for sale
Time:12:16 pm
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Subject:Tapas! Olé!
Time:10:28 am
I'd been looking to have a feed of authentic Tapas in forever. Sadly, the only Tapas we'd ever manage to find we those spendy snooty little dishes that would make a proper Iberian point and laugh.

Last night, with a gaggle of colleagues we all converged on one of Montreal's best-kept secrets: The Spanish Social Club. Located on the 2nd floor of 4388 St. Laurent this large and unassuming restaurant serves not only the best authentic Tapas I've ever tasted, but also an amazingly refreshing (and not too potent) Sangria.

The only tiny disappointment was that my Grilled Sardine were a bit under-cooked, though everyone else's was cooked to perfection so it was just a spot of bad luck for me on that dish.

The squid in it's ink was tender and delicious.
The Spanish omelette was yum.
The Chorizo I would write home about.
The Gigantic prawns were a little bit overcooked but only by 30 seconds.
The Shrimp Diablo was fiery yet heavenly.
The Cod cakes, well, not my style but much enjoyed by everyone.
The potato salad was reason enough to divorce your own family in favour of whoever's family's Mom made it.
The deep-fried Calamari rings were toothsome, the batter light and not at all greasy.

And then, to top it all off, the Flamenco dancing was intense and riveting.
Dinner, consisting of 14 plates and including 3 pitchers of Sangria evenly divided amongst the 9 of us came to $26.00 each; proving that there is strength in numbers!

Reservations are a hella good idea though. We nearly didn't get a table and this - on a wednesday evening.
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Subject:if you know anyone in the montreal area who lost their dog please check this!
Time:05:19 pm
I found a lost dogCollapse )
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Current Music:Triple J Radio - Short. Fast. Loud
Time:10:46 am
I'm really bored at work right now, and I want to see this community prosper, so, I'm going to post a bunch of reviews for places that I'm either a regular at, or that I've visited recently. I apologize in advance for any incomplete information I might provide.

All of the following places are vegetarian - but not vegan - friendly.

Amelio'sCollapse )

Café l'ÉtrangerCollapse )

MananaCollapse )

DostiCollapse )

Okay, so that's a start. I hope to provide more reviews in the weeks to come - including one for a new Italian place on Wellington St. that's been packed almost every night in the short time it's been open. :) I'm glad for this community's existence.
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Time:04:01 pm

I want to go to a bar/pub/restaurant and drink Kronenbourg on tap (1664, cru or any other). Do you know of a place in Montreal I can find this?

Thank you.
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Subject:where to go?
Time:04:02 pm
I am searching for a restaurant that would be intimate with good food in Montreal. I use to live there but when i did I was a poor student and now I would like to take my lover to tour the city and make him discover a city that is so spcial to me. Any suggestion o where I could go?
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Montreal Dining Out
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You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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